Welcome to DC Fusion. It’s a work of love based on a lifetime passion of music. I’ve gotten to explore some great things with some very cool people. This is a place of sharing, come along for the ride.

The words “Carpe Diem” or seize the day didn’t mean as much to me until I was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer.  One good part of the diagnosis is that, I woke up to the fact that none of us live forever.  We must go out and take advantage of the talents we’ve been blessed with to make the world better.

Music is a love, you’ve got to feel it to love it.   I don’t believe in limiting myself to any one genre.  Blues is the foundation of Rock, Fusion jazz has Rock influences, a lot of Straight ahead jazz is based on show tunes and standards.  Play what you love and listen to everything, there’s always a new phrasing to try.



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