Let’s just say that 2019 was interesting…  after an experimental treatment l am in remission and looking forward to 2020.  Extremely thankful for the Jazzy nights ahead!

stay true to your roots

This musical journey has been interesting. By that I mean, you can play any genre but your passion only comes out when you playing the stuff that you really like. I’ve experienced that while I can play straight ahead, fusion funk where my head is so it just comes out…

recovery is easier when YOU’RE young

I had planned on being back in full swing by this time but that’s not in what He planned.    So now I’m limited to gigs that are local to North Jersey.  So yes I’m slowing down but not out..  never quit

break a leg they said..

Well I know the stage origins of the term, but I can tell you that breaking your leg in real life is not fun.   So on the morning on January 5th 2019, I proceeded to break my femur in my right leg.  Never experienced that much pain before, however the upside is that I was home as a opposed to loading my gear after a gig in some badly lit parking lot.   So I had to sub myself out for my January gigs and postpone February gigs.    Now for the good news, the CD Sleeve 340 came out and I am very happy with the work by Jo Major, Steve Marley, and my conscience in music Kirk Tamura.  Keep on pressing


So it’s very easy to stay in one genre and play the way you’ve always played.  Balancing the straight ahead on the upright with my thumping on my Rick or the Jazz is a tough call.  Off course it’s easier for me to play a bass I’ve owned for 40 years.  But I don’t round out my skills by staying there.  So, push… play with folks that make you work harder that you’ve had before.  Sure it’s uncomfortable at first, but in time folks will come around.   If they don’t, well… are you doing it for them or for you?

Carpe Diem

We all have experienced the sudden changes in life, one second your on top of the world, the next day, not so much.

Since being diagnosed with a rare blood cancer in 2010, Seize the Day has been my mantra.  The diagnosis and treatment reinforced my understanding that we have a short time on this planet.  So love what you do, do what you love and make a difference for someone that can never pay you back.

Do you know the way to San Jose

This was one of the first songs I learned in the 3rd grade from the Bacharach and David song book.  Fast forward to the fall of 2014 instead of the usual drinks with coworkers while on the road routine,  I decided to check out the jam session at the Hedley Club in San Jose.  Jam sessions are really dependent on the attitude of the person that runs the session.  Since I wasn’t a locally known player, I was a bit concerned about the attitude of the players at the jam.    My fears were allayed when I met  Steve Marley.  He really sets a nice tone for rotating and supporting everyone.    I was fortunate to play with a group of people that you can hear on the “listen” page.  Kirk Tamura, Jo Major and Steve enjoy what they do and you can’t help but feeling a great vibe from them.

“Your ears are on vacation”

Ron Carter’s advice to pay attention to your surroundings…  what do you say to that?

“The universe conspires to help you follow your dream”

In the book the Alchemist, the central theme is that when you have a positive dream, the soul of the universe will come into place to support that dream.   It doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy, but the objective can be reached .